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Glass and IGU Types

What is tempered glass and annealed glass (non-tempered)? 

Ever wonder what the difference between tempered and non tempered is?

Tempering and annealing are manufacturing methods for adding strength to glass. It is the cycle of heating and cooling used during the manufacturing process. Typically, the hotter the ovens during manufacturing, the stronger the final product. Both tempered and annealed glass also have other properties that set them apart from each other.

The tempering process gives glass about four times more strength than annealed glass. Tempered glass is strong enough to withstand the pressure created by slamming doors.

Annealed glass is more fragile, but is still the most widely used type of glass in the market. It is found in home windowpanes and other applications. Annealed glass tends to break into irregular, sharp pieces when broken. Tempered glass breaks into many small pieces that are harmless and not very sharp. Tempered glass once it is processed can not be modified but annealed can be. Most home windows have what is called an insulated glass unit. Either the insulated glass unit or IGU will be tempered or annealed. You tell by looking in the corners of the window and if it is tempered the insulated glass unit will have tempered etched into the glass. Take a look at your patio sliding door and see if you spot the tempered symbol. 

Do your windows look like the one of the left? Most likely if they do it means the seal has failed around your insulated glass unit. Don't worry give us a call and schedule a free in home estimate and let Olympia Glass LLC make your windows look like new again!

What is an insulated glass unit or IGU?

An insulating glass unit or also known as an IGU commonly consists of two (sometimes more) panes of glass separated by a spacer material and sealed together at the edge. The insulating airspace is filled with air or a noble gas, such as argon or krypton inside. Each glass pane has two surfaces, so typical double-paned IGUs have four surfaces.Most windows and doors have IGUS in the frame and can be easily replaced if the glass unit seal fails or a pane gets broken. What more information or have questions about your insulated glass units give us a call!

Low-e coatings have been developed to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through glass without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted. When heat or light energy is absorbed by glass it is either shifted away by moving air or reradiated by the glass surface. Most insulated glass units come with or already have the a Low-e coating. All of the windows we install automatically come with a low-e coating unless you specify other wise.   

This is a broken tempered insulated glass unit. Tempered glass also known as a form of safety glass it is not as sharp as non tempered glass but still be careful while cleaning up.

This is what annealed glass looks like when it breaks. Remember to be very careful when picking up or cleaning this type of glass as it is very sharp and dangerous.

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